Pre- and Protohistoric Biopolymeric Materials

Günter Lattermann


Fossilised natural polymers like Siegburgit, Baltic amber and ‘ape hair’ were synthesized by nature million years ago. Very early, human species used some of them or even prepared on their part such biopolymeric materials. These comprise leather, birchbark pitch, horn. Later on, the manufacture of papyrus, parchment and natural rubber was realised. Without the use of those early biopolymeric materials for clothes, tools, adhesives, jewelry and many other objects of daily life, the development of human life in its full diversity would not have been possible.


Prehistoric, protohistoric, polymers, biopolymers, Siegburgit, Beckerit, Krantzit, Baltic amber, horn, pitch, tar, bitumen, asphalt, fossil natural rubber, precolumbian caoutchouc, chewing gum, chicle

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